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Main Services

  1. Full diagnostic check ups for selling/buying vehicles.
  2. Price evaluation for bank loans and for internal accounting (asset depreciation).
  3. Pre-maintenance checks: checks and diagnostics for cars prior to being sent to maintenance in order to identify flaws or mechanical problems prior to visiting the mechanic to avoid needless cost of unnecessary parts and labor.
  4. Carfax inspection: a service is exclusive to cars imported from the United States in order to determine real mileage and full history, including accident history and maintenance logs.


Our Diagnostic Services

In addition to price evaluation and the traditional "primitive" quick car inspections that most inspection centers in Jordan provide, Tech Check provide extra inspection services with the highest technology for those seeking a detailed and accurate report that provides a breakdown of all technical faults in the vehicle in order to provide potential car buyers with critical information he/she may need prior to making an investment in purchasing a car. These services can be detailed as follows:

  • Body and chassis inspection using the traditional inspection method in combination with the latest technology, yet to be available at any other car diagnostic shop anywhere else in Jordan. The body is inspected using special gauges in order to determine the condition and the quality of the paint job and any repairs made.
  • Front and rear suspension testing using side slip technology.
  • Front and rear shock absorbers testing using electronic shock absorber testers in order to specify condition and potential remaining service lifetime.
  • Electronic brake inspection: including service brakes as well.
  • Complete electrical systems check which includes the battery, cutout, and voltage regulators.
  • Comprehensive computer inspection for all electronic and mechanical systems including electronic systems, as well as all related sensors (engine, ABS, airbags, gear)
  • Engine Check: using several diagnostic tools such as engine pressure testers and engine emissions analyzers to help identify the condition of the engine and any mechanical problems that would be difficult to identify through traditional inspections.

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