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Tech Check represents a revolution in the world of auto diagnostics in the Jordanian market; which has lacked accuracy in both check-ups and diagnostics; particularly when selling and buying cars. It was this gap that inspired us to establish an international standard world-class center in Jordan to help better serve all customers wishing to buy and sell cars. We are proud to boast that we have successfully created the new standard for vehicle evaluation and testing in a scientific, accurate, and credible manner. Read More

Main Services

  • Full diagnostic check ups for selling/buying vehicles:
    Check all types of cars and hybrid latest equipment of European and American and which are not available even in the garages and car dealers.

  • Pre-maintenance checks:
    Checks and diagnostics for cars prior to being sent to maintenance in order to identify flaws or mechanical problems prior to visiting the mechanic to avoid needless cost of unnecessary parts and labor.

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Did you know??
Tires properly inflated
Be sure to keep your tires properly inflated, as a decrease in air levels increases tire wear and could increase fuel consumption by up to 15% ! Read More

Car medallion
Do not place too many keys or heavy objects into your car medallion, as the weight combined with everyday bumps on the road lead to eroding the ignition switch which could cause trouble starting or opening the car. Read More
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