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About Tech Check

Tech Check represents a revolution in the world of auto diagnostics in the Jordanian market; which has lacked accuracy in both check-ups and diagnostics; particularly when selling and buying cars. It was this gap that inspired us to establish an international standard world-class center in Jordan to help better serve all customers wishing to buy and sell cars. We are proud to boast that we have successfully created the new standard for vehicle evaluation and testing in a scientific, accurate, and credible manner.

Our center aims to change the face of the diagnostics market by introducing the full check service which aims to evaluate any hidden problems that are not yet visible in the car but that can become problematic after the sale is complete; a matter that can and usually burdens the buyer; individual or institution.

Advanced technology was without a doubt one of the major cornerstones that we depended on in this centre, which was equipped with state of the art technology and all the necessary equipment to ensure our ability to diagnose all mechanical and electrical problems, in addition to the vehicle exterior and chassis. Most of our diagnostic tools are not available anywhere else in the country; helping further extend our competitive. Our staff boasts a number of highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers trained to the highest level; a matter that ensures accurate and credible readouts are issued in a manner that eliminates guess work and human error.

We only employ the best in terms of equipment and staff

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